I am happy to announce the start of Held Holland.

During 2020 I was contemplating to step into the successful business that Chris and Clair Balmforth had build over the previous years. As you might know Chris was looking for a successor the past couple of years. I saw this as an opportunity to expand my business moving forward, as my kids have all grown up I was able to combine two worlds.

As an enthusiast Porcelain painter I was a former customer of Held of Harrogate and now I am the proud owner of the legacy. I am very excited to continue the journey and provide you, dear customer, at least the same service as you might be used to.

I have to express my deep gratitude to Chris and Clair for the guidance and close cooperation in handing over the Held of Harrogate business and supporting me during the start-up to continue his family’s life time work.

I have set-up my own web shop style and I am introducing a new web-shop with a full service function to give you a complete shopping experience according to the current standards of on-line shopping. We have expanded the product range and have and will introduce new products as time progresses.

As I am operating from within the Netherlands we had to move the remaining stocks from England to the Netherlands. This does impact pricing and shipping as we now will be selling in Euro’s and shipping from the Netherlands. For you benefit we include all pricing including the Dutch VAT. So you have all pricing information first handed before proceeding to checkout

We are using best in class DHL Express shipping to all worldwide locations to ensure the fines delivery experience possible to your location, where ever that might be. The shipping costs will be included during the checkout process and to enhance your checkout experience we are using the payment services from PayPal so you can pay with local payment methods if you do not have an PayPal account (registration not required). We guarantee shipping within 24 hours and delivery within 48 hours after shipment has been initiated. We will provide you with DHL tracking and tracing capabilities for your convenience.

We have a top of class extensive range of powder pigments colors, medium, lusters, brushes and many accessories for you to accomplish your Porcelain and China painting projects. Beside these high quality products we also offer you a wide range of decals exclusively produced by Chris.

If you can’t find a specific product please don’t hesitate to reach out to us (info@held-holland.com) and we will provide you guidance and advise.

I would like to close this introduction by inviting you to take a look around and welcome your business within our web-shop.